понеделник, 9 септември 2019 г.

D Double E & Watch the Ride [DJ Die, Dismantle, DJ Randall] - Original F...

UK legends D Double E and Watch The Ride join forces to deliver the massive track ‘Original Format’.

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Watch The Ride is a brand new concept from Randall & DieMantle (DJ Die and Dismantle) that mixes the UK's rich rave culture heritage with cutting edge music and live performances.

The first offering from the project sees D Double E returning to his roots, Jungle / Drum n Bass, with certified electronic music icons Randall, DJ Die and Dismantle providing the soundtrack to his unmistakeable lyrics and flows.

The track is truly a reflection of the UK’s underground scene, this is a timeline that stretches from Randall to DJ Die to D Double E to Dismantle. All four parties have been inspired by one another on their creative journeys and have been fans of one another and the result is ‘Original Format', a track that has cross-genre appeal in abundance.

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